Développement de centres R&D de multinationales innovantes

Appel ouvert

Le programme pour le développement de centres R&D de multinationales innovantes (Multinational Innovative R&D Centers) a été mis en place dès 2002 par le Ministère des Affaires Economiques taiwanais (MOEA) pour encourager des multinationales à implanter  leur centre de R&D à Taiwan.

En décembre 2011, on pouvait dénombrer 38 entreprises étrangères, dont deux entreprises françaises,  qui avaient implanté un total de 54 centres de recherche à Taiwan à travers ce programme.

Toute entreprise française désireuse d’implanter un centre de R&D à Taiwan peut faire acte de candidature à ce programme.


Remarques générales sur le programme (anglais) :

1. Who Can Apply?
(1) Companies interested in establishing R&D centers in Taiwan must be under one of the following categories:
a. Taiwan branches of foreign companies those have been legitimately established and continuously existed in accordance with the laws of both the local and home country.
b. Taiwan subsidiaries of foreign companies or Research institutes that have been legitimately established and continuously existed in accordance with the laws of Taiwan.
(2) Financial requirement: The net worth of Applicant should be positive.
2. Incentive Schemes:
(1) Subsidy for Operating Capital:  a. Salaries of Local R&D personnel; b. Consultant fees; c. Remunerations of overseas R&D personnel; d. Travel expenses; e. Rent; f. Expenses for collaborations with local business, academic, and research communities; g. Expenses for collaborations with foreign companies  h. Overseas training expenses  i. Equipment use fees  j. Equipment maintenance fees
(2) Human Resources Support:
R&D Substitute Service personnel: MOEA assists approved R&D centers in recruiting staff from the R&D Substitute Services System.
3. The governmental subsidy for the R&D innovation center will be evaluated by following criteria:
(1) The degree of beneficial impact on local industries.
(2) The sharing of a win-win situation in development between the program applicants and local industries.
(3) The degree of international resources (including manpower/technologies) introduced and the level of inward investment.
(4) The degree of upgrading of Taiwan’s global R&D status.
(5) The degree of boost to local R&D levels and capabilities, especially in advanced and innovative technology and research.


Pour plus d’informations:

Louis Chen
Department of Industrial Technology (DOIT), Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA)
E-Mail: pwchen@moea.gov.tw

Hsin-Wen Yin
Project Office for Technology Development Program, DOIT
E-Mail: yiin1104@iii.org.tw